The number one need and want by survey from the typical American entrepreneur is “a life”.  Maybe you’ve “made it” in the business world but how about your home life?   How about the other activities in your life that you value but never have time for?   Today you’re going to learn how to have it all.

“Summertime, and the livin' is easy/ Everythin’s normal, and we’re doin’ just fine”.  Isn’t that how the song goes?  Great time to relax, right?  Um, no.  A great time to be alert is more like it.  There is something strange about normal.   Listen to this episode and find out all about it.  Learn how to keep things going great, or, if necessary, how to get things going great once more!

No situation is more prevalent amongst the WISE membership than failures as an executive.  An ambitious and smart entrepreneur can make a lot of things “go right” but still fall short of building a true group that supports them in their goals or in their life. To some degree they end up “trapped” by their own creation.  This is actually pretty easy to resolve but starts with fully understanding what an executive IS and clearing up some common misconceptions.



On this episode of BusinessWISE we discuss one of what I consider to be one of Mr. Hubbard’s most important writings on the subject of groups and certainly on the subjects of leadership and power.  Don’t pass up on this one!


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