We have not given anywhere near enough attention to the subject of LEADERSHIP.   If you are building any kind of an organization, you are going to need people to build it with, and if you have people answering to you, you better know how to lead.   It is not something you are born with, contrary to popular belief.   One can LEARN how to lead, and it starts with knowing the component qualities of leadership.  This week’s episode is a great place to start.

Spinning your wheels?  Barely treading water?  Feeling “overwhelmed”?  Heads up, there is more trouble coming.  Thankfully, there is an exact solution.   Learn all about it in this week’s episode.

What is man’s largest and most unjust fault?   This fault is the difference between success and failure in a business or a society, and its remedy is simple, even if it requires a little discipline.  Unremedied, it will make your life hell, and might ruin a few other lives at the same time.


This is a very popular episode from last year’s series and is an introduction to the heart and soul of management using the Hubbard Management System.  You cannot know too much about this subject, so don’t brush this off, especially since it is the perfect set up for a brand-new episode being brought to you in a couple of days.

Maybe we can’t make you into an expert in data or statistical analysis in twenty minutes, but we can teach you the TWO major warning signs that are easily detected but all too often overlooked that will save you from disaster IF you know them and IF you heed them.  Take twenty minutes to save yourself hundreds of hours of overwork saving the bacon when you could have brought it all under control BEFORE you had the problem.

How do you get people to get stuff done?  How do you get them into action and keep them at it till the job is done?   How do you pull a team together that is going to work hard and effectively at the tough targets you set for them so that your group can expand and prosper?  Some seem to have a knack for getting others to get things done, and for some, it is a weak point, but when you understand WHAT gets them moving, ANYBODY is going to get better at this.

If you think art has nothing to do with you as a business person or entrepreneur, you better listen to this episode.   If art IS your business, then you better listen to this episode.  In fact, just listen to this episode. You are about to discover an element to success that is almost completely neglected and unknown in modern culture.

In this episode, we get to discuss the stick of dynamite, or several sticks of dynamite, hidden away in your business that are ready to go off at any moment and blow up your company or sink it into a deathly apathy.   Very, very important stuff, seldom even mentioned by management “experts”, fully described with an 8 step handling.

You might think you know a thing or two about BE-DO-HAVE, or maybe you don’t.  But there are a lot of guys running around claiming expertise on this subject, and they don’t know the half of it, not by far.  This episode is not just vital to your business, it is utterly vital to your life.  Make sure you listen to this one!

An interesting question: we want something done; it’s not getting done.  How much duress do we apply? One of your employees messes up or is caught in some wrongdoing. Do we punish or repair? What is the balance- are we too nice to our people, too rough on our people? These are very important questions, and to answer them, you must first learn some fundamentals.

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