If you have been listening to BusinessWISE, you are probably aware that we put a lot of emphasis on the definition of terms.   One term you better fully understand is the word “entrepreneur”, especially if you are or are trying to be one.  You’re about to discover that there is more to this than you thought.  In this episode you will learn Mr. Hubbard’s thoughts on the entrepreneur, and how they are the only secure ones in today’s society.

Income is of intense interest to most members, isn’t it?   So much so that those BusinessWISE episodes that focus on income we make sure to designate as INCOME BOOSTERS so you can easily dig them out of the archives.  This week’s episode is certainly an income booster, and one could almost describe it as a vital one that underlies all others.  Give it a listen and you will find out why.

Every now and again we are forced to speak to you in expletives.  I’m sorry, there is just no way around this one.  We have chosen this celebration of Labor Day to discuss a critical subject using language that at the very least can be counted on to get a few disapproving looks.   Too bad.  In for a penny, in for a pound, we like to say around here.  Let’s see how you do with it!

This is the episode l wish we didn’t have to do, but we do.   If you are going to build and administer an organization, or many organizations, if you are going to lead in any quarter of society, or if you just want to get along in life, you better know about the criminal mind.  Listen to this episode as though your life depends on it, because it might. 

Almost any real professional will tell you the same thing: high-level skill is acquired only after one masters the fundamentals of the subject.  But Mr. Hubbard discovered a fundamental that underlies all the rest.  Start with this one, and there is nothing you can’t handle.

How many great executives do you know?  Are you one of them?  Are you competent at MAKING a great executive?  If you’re not, you may be counting on prayer or resigning yourself to a life of being “irreplaceable” in your own business.  No need, there are simplicities in this subject.  Learn some of them in this episode.

You have been tempted, I am pretty sure, by one or more of three things that if you go there, you are looking at a painful demise for your business and your dreams.  They may come from the devil, they may come from somewhere else, but you better know and know how to deal with them if you want to achieve success!


The number of downloads per episode is an interesting survey of what you, our listeners, want to hear about.  There are reliable topics, like marketing and finance, that we can pretty much count on being a hit.  This week’s episode is not one of those topics.  But you know what?   YOU NEED THIS TOPIC WAY MORE THAN YOU THINK!!  So much so that we are talking about it anyway.  Let us know if you dig it!

How successful would you be if you could predict the future?  What if you could know about a calamity that will befall you before it happened so that you could prevent it, or recognize an opportunity that will reward you, and take advantage of it?  You can. Listen to this episode.

This episode was issued as one of the first BusinessWISE podcasts in 2020, right at the start of the lockdowns.   Feedback on this one was huge as member after member wrote in, thanking us for putting some very important stable data there for them in a time of chaos.  Well, if you appreciated it then, you might appreciate it even more now.  This is also a very important episode to have under your belt to get the most from a brand new episode we will be releasing in a few days.


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