Ability is something we all seek.  We seek it in ourselves, and we seek it in others. And there are lots of different kinds of abilities, aren’t there?  One has the ability to produce music, another has the ability to solve difficult engineering problems, etc.  But there is one ability higher than all the others, a super-power if you will.  Learn about it and how you can acquire it in this episode.

Is there a technology for issuing an order?  Really?  You mean there is more to it than just cutting loose when you feel like it and getting sulking looks and non-compliance in return, or cheerful, blank “Yessir’s” that don’t result in anything, or “compliances” to what was ordered that are not what was asked for?   Yes, there is something to this subject.  We counted up twelve points from Mr. Hubbard, then found a bonus one at the end.  Enjoy!

There is a lot to understand about POWER.  Like messing around with high-voltage lines, there are many errors that can be made around power that can give you a very bad shock or even blow you apart.  Don’t let that be you.  Be sure to listen to this episode, whether you are a power or near one.

Many of our episodes discuss income and how to raise it.   I guess learning how to make more money is of quite a bit of interest to people! This episode goes over something so easy to do and so effective, you are liable to overlook it, yet no episode ever generated more immediate success stories than this one.  In there you will be assigned a project.   Line it up and get it done this weekend, and be prepared for some surprises on your income lines next week!

We are beginning a new year.  Times are challenging to say the least.  Is there an approach we can take to our expansion, a philosophy that we can adopt, that can assure us victory in the face of chaos?   Yes, there is a foolproof strategy that will ultimately assure your success.   Learn about it in this episode.

It’s the end of the year.  It’s time to review the accomplishments of the past and set goals for the future.  I am re-releasing this critical episode so you can review vital data on postulation of goals.  It is the complementary episode to the one we dropped earlier this week: THE TWO TYPES OF GOALS.  Don’t skip it!

This is the right time of year to work on GOALS, isn’t it?  Frankly, any time of year is a valuable time to review goals, but let’s take the opportunity of the conclusion of one year and the commencement of the next to discover that there are actually two broad categories of goals, and why a goal from the correct category can mean all the difference in achieving lasting success.

What is the greatest secret in this universe?   Well, if you knew the answer, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?   The answer to that question is the essential element to true greatness in a person. It may be that you need to attain to greatness to achieve your goals, and if so, you need this episode.

If you are having difficulty building up your organization, if you are having trouble “finding the right people to pass your hat to” or getting yourself pulled out of your business so you can get some free time or get on with other interests in your life, there is a good chance you are making a very common error, one that can end up being disastrous if not handled.   Listen to this episode to get a grip on it.


Too many members leave the job of marketing to others without fully understanding the subject themselves.   It is practically a law- the great entrepreneurs of our age have ALWAYS had a great sense for marketing, some more than others.  If you want to be a great entrepreneur, this episode is a very good start.

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