Do you think you know what the most wanted commodity is in an expanding population?  I am pretty sure the answer will surprise you, but the more you think about it, the more you will recognize it to be so.   This week’s episode features one of the most important articles Mr. Hubbard ever wrote about management and administration.

We have covered points 1 to 10 of GROUP SANITY from Mr. L Ron Hubbard's article of that same name, one point per episode.  These are the exact points of insanity in groups that, remedied, bring sanity, prosperity, and expansion.  You need to know them very, very well. But there is one final. and essential element that you must know, and one that is a natural consequence of all earlier points being put in. Learn about this final point in this episode.


The subject of money is always of interest, but with this episode we introduced the subject of MORALE, a far more important topic than most entrepreneurs realize.

We are approaching now the final points, the final episodes, covering the 11 points of group aberration that, when solved, lead to GROUP SANITY.   This is point number 10, and on this we take a visit to the most violent, the most vicious of them all.  The one resorted to when the earlier 9 are ignored.  One should learn all about it, that is unless one doesn’t care about losing one’s precious head!

We have been covering the points of group sanity from Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, one per episode. In this one, we tackle a subject that has taken its toll on both human sadness and human madness.  Learn how to establish and maintain success in the area of money and finance, while keeping yourself and your group from going nuts. 

Your business has a spot of particular vulnerability, an Achilles heel.  Of all the points of GROUP SANITY that we have spoken of so far, this is the one that mishandled will take you right out of the game.  Make sure you give it a listen!

What is your experience with sales?   Do you like it?  Are you a salesperson?   Are you responsible for hiring and running salespeople?  If you have dealt with this subject at all, you have likely seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  If you don’t deal with sales, and you are an entrepreneur, you definitely should.  Get a grip on sales as a subject with this episode.

We will soon be releasing the next in our series of episodes on GROUP SANITY.   It will serve you well to listen to this episode if you have not already, or review it if you have.  Nothing can jump your income faster than improving your sales, and this episode clears up a major area of confusion on the subject that will make a big difference for you.

“Do I need a full-time person on marketing in my company?”  Yes.  “OK, then I’ll have someone to handle PR & Marketing.” No. PR & Marketing are different subjects.  They have tools in common, but woodwork and ironwork both use hammers and I wouldn’t let a cabinetmaker shoe my horse.  “So do I need a full-time person on PR?”  Probably.   Listen to this bonus episode and decide for yourself.

You want to know crazy?  Enter the wonderful, sometimes wacky world of promotion.   Understand that this vital subject has been abused and, to use Mr. Hubbard’s word, “subverted”.  Cut through the malarky and get down to truth with this episode.

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