We all want more production, don’t we?   Is there a precise technology for getting more of it?   Most of us set quotas, but how often do we attain them.  Is there an exact technique for achieving these quotas?  Is there a difference between a target and a quota, and if there is, how important is it to understand?   Let’s get all these questions answered so we can get more PRODUCTION!!

To raise stats you first need to use them.   If you are using them but they are not going up, or raising them is not increasing viability and creating expansion, it is likely you are not using them correctly and there is something more to be learned.  Here is lesson one in understanding and raising statistics.

When you hit affluence, and you will eventually if you haven’t already, make sure you know how to handle it.  This, per Mr. Hubbard, is the touchiest condition there is.  Don’t blow it.  Broken affluences can be very painful, as some of you can probably already attest.  Handled correctly, they are a rocket ride.  Enjoy!

Money, per Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, is a passionate subject! People have done some CRAZY things over money. Many positive things have come from the SANE handling of money as well. Let’s start getting educated on the subject and see where that takes us.

Well, we all desire affluence.  There are many out there selling their answers.  Some have valid data to share, and some don’t.  You will know exactly the steps on how to attain affluence and be able to evaluate the good advice from the bad after listening to this podcast.

The highest condition to operate from is called POWER! It denotes the highest level of causation; a total abundance, no doubt about it.  It is a journey anyone can take with the right know-how and the right dedication to their goals.  But all journeys start with… the correct definition of the terms!

We have discussed what to do when your GROUP is in Danger in Episode 9, but how about when YOU are in Danger? There is another, precise, step by step formula you can execute to bring you out of that Danger and into a higher, more survival one.   Let’s get started!


Promotion looks complex.  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.  But one thing’s for sure, if you’re an entrepreneur, or if you want to be one, you better understand the fundamentals of it if you want to make it, and WE want you to make it!  Tune in to this week’s podcast and learn the FUNDAMENTALS OF PROMOTION!!

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