To thrive and to prosper, one must be in a society conducive to individual liberty.  One must be able to call the shots in one’s own life and operate in an economic environment that is safe and without oppression.  These things are fought hard for and won, and they are also things that can be lost through unawareness, fear, and complacency.  They are not guaranteed unless we are willing to pay the price of freedom. Learn the only price there is to pay, and how we can come together, as men and women of reason, to pay it.

Of any of our episodes, this is the one that, if you duplicate and apply it, will make the fastest positive improvement in your production and income.   Welcome to what may be the most misunderstood term in the business world.

Has your business ever felt like a roller-coaster ride?   Feast or famine?  There’s a very definite reason for cycles of booms and depressions in an enterprise, as well as in an economy.   Find out what that is and how to handle it in this week’s episode.

This week’s episode is unlike any we have done so far, and it is not a lesson you are typically going to pick up in the average business podcast.   But it has everything to do with achieving real success for yourself.  Give it a listen; you won’t be sorry.

Who doesn't have factors in their lives or businesses that are out of their own control, right? Who hasn't experienced situations where they sit at effect and can't see how to swing over to cause, right? Yeah, right...maybe so, but maybe not. How about learning three steps that, repeated over and over, can sort out virtually any situation. Don't believe it? Check out this episode. 

What senior ability has more to do with post performance than perhaps any other?   What senior ability, in fact, monitors your success across most aspects of your life?  You are not going to only learn what that ability is, but you will come out the other end of this episode with enough understanding to make a giant stride toward achieving it.

What is the one thing most in-demand from our members?   By survey, what is most wanted by the average American entrepreneur?  Is it new customers? Is it more money?  No, they want a LIFE!   Sure, they have a passion for their business, but it would be nice to have a LIFE as well.   Get ready because you are about to learn the most vital element to having it all.  

Nothing happens in a “maybe”, does it? Think about it. What would a life, without doubt, look like? Doubt does not lead to action, a decision does.  But that can be easier said than done.  How does one, unerringly, make up one’s mind? You are about to find out.

There are artists who shun management, there are business owners who express how hopeless they are as artists.  Yet there is a very definite and intimate relationship between the two which, understood, can bring tremendous benefit and LIFE to both.

If you have had a business for a while, and you have worked hard, ethically and creatively, the odds are you have had at least a small affluence or two.  It is also likely that you have blown it a time or two as well.  Well, don’t despair, you can learn a lot from these, and thus learn to master any current or future affluences and arrive, at last, at the condition of POWER!

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