Without leadership, any human activity will descend into chaos eventually.  Seen much chaos lately?   This is a symptom of an absence of leadership.  How about any chaos in your own life or business, got any of that?  The answer is to understand and learn the components and skills of leadership.   This episode is your introduction to a big subject, but will put you on your way to a whole new level of cause.

Well, we are long overdue in getting you this data.  This is the backbone of the Hubbard Management System- the Seven Division Organizing Board delivered to you in only 28 minutes!  If you don’t have an org board, or you do but it’s hanging behind a rack of coats in the company kitchen and unused, you need to listen to this episode!


If you have been listening to this podcast series, you know the importance of Public Relations (PR) to the success of any business and, indeed, anyone’s success in life.  But there is a primary technology to PR, and if you don’t know and apply it, your efforts in this direction will fail.  Learn all about it in this week’s episode.

What is the monitoring factor in ability? What is the only capital an executive has? Yea, well you should be able to figure out the answer from the title of this week’s episode, but there is a lot more to this.  Find out all about it, and see if you don’t experience a dramatic change in your business and in your life.

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