Your biggest loss of income is the income you have the potential to make but are not making. What does that have to do with total recall?  I can’t remember. Listen to this week’s episode and find out.

With any and all of your outflow, you are looking for response, whether it be letters, emails, phone calls, or simply trying to get into “real” communication with a prospect.   What is more frustrating than to “lean on the phones” all day for little or no response?   Is there some magic to this?   Yes…Mr. Hubbard even calls it that.  So, do you want to learn a little magic?  Listen to this week’s episode.

If you have been listening to these podcasts, you know the importance of OUTFLOW if you want to generate INFLOW, and you have learned quite a bit about it.  But what do you think is the biggest mistake you can make in this area? Well, of all the mistakes that can be made, this week we will cover what could be the biggest NO-NO of them all!

What if you could take a weekend, dedicate it to your business, and in the following week, experience a nice big jump in income!  Would it be worth it?  And what if that weekend ended up being kind of an exhilarating experience, on top of all that?   Check out this week’s episode and find out how you can be poised for success after a little fun and sweat in the “office”.   

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