Does your environment seem a little out of your control these days? Would you like to get it under control?  Is it even possible? There’s lots of false data on this. Some are taught that they need to “adjust to their environment.” Is that true?  Discover the truth as only L. Ron Hubbard can express it in this week’s podcast.

What is by far and away the most important factor in raising your income potential?   We’re devoting a whole episode to one of the most important data you will ever hear on this subject.   A hair longer than the average episode, so make sure you listen to the end!

How many of you can tell me what your personal, basic purpose in life is?  In this celebratory, 50th episode of BusinessWISE, we are going to help you find it, in case you ever had the question: “What is my purpose?” or “What should I really be doing to fulfill my life?” or “Is it really my purpose to sell these darn widgets?”   There is no more important question to answer.  Good luck!

Mr. Hubbard once said that “Survey, lack of, is the weak link in all promotion.”  If you aren’t surveying, you are wasting and losing income, guaranteed. So you better learn how to do it.  But heck, that’s a pretty complicated subject, isn’t it?  Who the heck knows how to do surveys? Ahh, no, surveys aren’t complicated. You will soon know enough to be pretty dangerous on the subject.   Just listen to this episode, do your homework assignment, and you are going to see rising stats. 


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