There is a concept that is so vital, upon it rests your success or failure with the Hubbard Management System, or anything for that matter.  And that concept is expressed in one word- the MAGIC word, the one that if you duplicate it fully, nothing can stop you.   Learn all about it in today’s episode.

Have you ever considered how you can use what you are learning from the Hubbard management system to not only handle your business but other aspects of your life as well? Take raising a family. Sometimes growing a business seems a lot like raising a family and vice versa.  With this episode, you are going to learn why and basic knowledge that will make you superlative in handling both.

The highest operating state in L. Ron Hubbard’s famous table of conditions is POWER.  The more you understand it, the better able you are to attain it, in your business and in your life.   In this episode you will learn a vital component you must be aware of and practice to get there, plus an assignment to help you along. 

When statistics and expansion start to slip is when you take action, the sooner the better. But what action?  Well, Mr. Hubbard isolated the exact steps to take and their exact sequence.  If you know them and apply them, you are well on your way to Power.   But know this, experience has shown there are common errors that are made in their application.  Know what they are so YOU don’t make the same mistakes!

How much thought do you give to your goals or the goals of your enterprise?  Do you know that the quality of your goals has as much or more to do with your success than your skills as a manager?   That’s a fact.  There is a lot to know about this subject, but what you are about to learn is very, very, very seldom taught ANYWHERE but absolutely critical to your success and happiness!!   

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