“The future looks bright.”   “The future looks bleak.”  Do you ever wonder how we so blithely describe something that hasn’t happened yet?  Ever wonder if there is a way to predict and control the future?  There is.  Before you make your New Year’s postulates (somewhat more useful term than “resolution”), tune in to this week’s episode on “The Future”.

He has trust issues, or she has trust issues.  We hear this.  Betrayal- something we have all experienced at one point or another and swear we will learn a lesson from, and seldom do.  But the word “trust” is such a beautiful word.  We each, deep in our hearts, yearn to bestow it.   Maybe we can if we understand it a bit better. Listen to this week’s episode and find out.

What makes an organization a GREAT organization? If you know what makes the BEST organization, you can compare your company or business against it and see what you need to work on.  That’s what we dig into in this episode.  Further, you will learn a new formula that can salvage any company, no matter it’s condition.

There are many areas that can cause problems for an enterprise, but do you know what the three major ones are? Solving these solve a host of other situations that could be going on in your company, so pay close attention to this week's episode.


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