We all have dreams, don’t we?   Please tell me you are a dreamer, because those of you that dream and work to make them real are building a better world.  But wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew exactly HOW to make dreams come true?  You are about to learn.

Last week we detailed the source of the problem in implementation.  This week’s episode is Part 2, and here is where we cover the SOLUTION.   It is encompassed in one word.   See if you can figure it out what that word is before we let you in on one of the best-kept “secrets” of the Hubbard management system.

Implementation!  Wow, where the rubber meets the highway, and how often do I hear “If I could only implement what I already know?” All of us could be better at this, though for many it is a really big problem.  Well, let’s deal with it once and for all.  Not able to crack it in one episode, so this is Part 1, and we will wrap up the subject next week.


OK, been a while since we did an episode that will directly boost your income.  All BusinessWISE episodes are going to improve your bottom line, no question.  But this one gives you a fundamental that, learned well and applied, could well jump your prosperity to a whole new level in very short order.

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