How about getting six tips from Mr. Hubbard on how to handle yourself as a leader, a manager, or even as a person.  These are the six that he describes as what he would like to add to all the tremendous body of knowledge that he had already created on administration, six tips on how HE would go about things. 

There is an intangible asset that is vital do your business, and it is called GOODWILL.   It may be intangible, but it is so valuable you can actually put a price tag on it, and it is intimately connected with another “intangible”: LIFE! If you understand the relationship between these things, prosperity is assured, and if you don’t…well, just listen to this episode!

Archimedes said if he had a long enough lever, he could move the world.  Well, maybe you aren’t trying to move the world, maybe you are, but for sure there are a few mountains around you wouldn’t mind moving, right? Stop doing it the hard way! Learn to use the lever that can probably accomplish anything!!

What do you need to do to get real and consistent production out of your team?  That means ALL your team, not just the one or two angels you were sent from heaven.   Is there a secret?  Yes, there is.  There is a barrier to production which Mr. Hubbard discovered ranks senior to any other barrier.  It is the PRIMARY BARRIER TO PRODUCTION, and it’s time you learned what it is and what you can do about it.

The last four episodes have been a series discussing the subject of Public Relations, and in the last three we have been focusing on its “dark side”, Black Propaganda.  This is the last episode where we are going to talk about it, but you may want to listen to it a few times because this one is going to make your guts churn a bit, I promise.

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