Sometimes we use a word every day, not realizing that it is actually a technical term with a very specific concept and application. This particular term we are covering today is one of those, and a lack of its full understanding can make your life miserable.   On the other hand, knowing it is the portal to your dreams.

The backbone of the Hubbard management system is the Organizing (Org) Board, and too many get stuck on it.  Without an org board, well, an entrepreneur is not going to get very far with the rest of this brilliant system.  Expansion is going to stall, and the guy or gal in charge is likely to be exhausted and not exactly “living the dream”.   So, let’s simplify this.

You just started a business, or maybe you have an idea for a business.  Or you just got a promotion or a new job, or you found a person you want to get to know better and possibly start a lasting relationship.  You exist, alright, to yourself, but how about to the rest of the world?  What is your first step on the long road to power, in any aspect of your life?   You’re going to do the four steps you are about to learn in this episode.

There is an error that is common to almost ANY organization and is so destructive that Mr. Hubbard describes it as the only TREMENDOUS error an organization makes!   You might want to know what that error is, no?  Listen to this week’s episode to find out, and how to deal with it.

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