Your biggest loss of income is the income you never made.  Listen to this bonus episode, brought back from the archives, to discover how you are leaking “energy” like a rusty bucket, and how to handle it.

Today’s BusinessWISE episode is a tribute to my great friend, Dr. Greg Winteregg, who passed away suddenly 12 days ago.   Greg’s life and work was an inspiration to thousands, may this episode be an inspiration to you.  For any who knew him and wish to make a gesture in his honor, or for any who would like to contribute to his legacy, charitable donations to the Hubbard College of Administration International for a scholarship in his name can be made here:

Dr. Greg Winteregg Memorial Fund

One of the most admired and sought-after qualities in a person is CONFIDENCE.   We admire it tremendously when it is genuine and sincere.  People will pay a small fortune to acquire more of it.  It comes up when they talk to groups, or attempt a sale, or decide to lead, or talk to a person of the opposite sex.  It’s great when you have it, but can you set out to acquire it? Yes, if you understand what makes up confidence you can develop it in yourself and others.   Listen to this week’s episode to learn how.

There is a fundamental quality, an X factor, that any executive, entrepreneur, leader, etc. MUST have to get anything done. It is vital and indispensable, but fortunately it is also something anyone can learn and improve once they understand it and its component parts.  Make sure you listen carefully to this one!

If you have been following BusinessWISE, you should know by now that inflow follows outflow, and to master the former you only need master the latter.  But there is an aspect to outflow you are possibly not aware of and not using as you should.  An aspect so powerful we call it “the secret weapon”.  Learn about it in this week’s episode.

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