If you need money to market, what do you do if you haven’t any?  Well, the truth is you DON’T always have to have money to market, and one of the most effective marketing methods, perhaps the most effective, doesn’t require money at all.  But you do need to know what you are doing.   We are cramming a lot of data into this one, so won’t hurt to listen to it twice!

This is one of our most popular episodes of all time from way back at the beginning of BusinessWISE, and is a critical listen for you in preparation for the episode we are dropping in the next couple of days, YOUR LEAST EXPENSIVE AND MOST EFFECTIVE MARKETING.   Make sure to listen to this one so you are prepared for the next episode!

Are you ready for the third and final episode in this 3-part series on JUSTICE?  Well, good job on hanging with us on a tough subject. Sorry to say that this one is the toughest of the three, but the good news is that you are only 25 minutes from finishing up as we confront evil and what constitutes INJUSTICE, and what true JUSTICE is all about!

Current events in Afghanistan make this week’s episode very timely, but it is not just conflict in foreign countries that threaten your survival, expansion, and prosperity.  There are few groups that do not carry their share of conflict, and, allowed to fester and to continue unhandled, they spell death and destruction.   Take the time to listen to this one.  It’s a tough subject, but you will be very glad you did.

Some groups have more life in them than others, don’t they?  You can “feel” it walking through the door.  How do you increase it?  And how important is it to do so?

We released this episode well over a year ago and it was a big hit then, but we are bringing it back so that you are prepared for Episode 33, Vol 2, which we will be releasing in a couple of days.

The subject of justice is so crucial to any group that a lack of it or its misapplication (injustice) is a principal reason for group (and cultural) failure.   You can attend all the marketing and sales seminars you want, but if you skip this one you are not going to achieve success.  The more you expand, the more you need it, and if you are not crazy about getting knifed in the back, give this one a listen.

What could you accomplish if you just had the right staff?   If you had great personnel?  When you think about it, there is really no limit.  If you can master the trick, or let’s call it the “secret”, of having great personnel, as long as there is demand for your product or service out there and you know your organizing board, you can continually expand into it.  The limiting factor is always having the right people.  Well, thanks to Mr. Hubbard, we found the common denominator to successful staffs, and now you are about to find out what it is.

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