What seems complex to you?  What puts you at effect?  What do you have in your life you just cannot deal with?  Taxes? Finances?  Sales?  Marketing? Employees?  Family?

There is a common denominator and there is a common solution.  Learn it.

No one would disagree that PR and Marketing are two subjects VITAL to success in the business world.  But do you know that most entrepreneurs cannot accurately define them?  This makes them sitting ducks for “experts” to lead them all over the place with no results.  In actual fact, if you just fully understand these terms, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert yourself!

What is the supreme test of a being? How does one truly discover the men or women upon which one can depend, no matter what, and how does one measure up personally? Finally, what is the road one takes to pass that test, every time, with flying colors? This is the subject of this week's podcast.


What is the handling for a steep plunge downwards in production or income?   How about the roof caving in, or a house on fire?  Such circumstances are called a DANGER CONDITION, and they are resolved through strict application of 6 steps, done in sequence.  Find out what they are and how you can apply them.


Does the environment around you sometimes seem too much to bear?   Too much bad news?   Too much chaos?  You have a weapon of your own that puts you at cause.   Learn it in this week’s podcast.

You are about to learn possibly the most critical fundamental there is on finance.  Lack of an understanding of it can be quite painful, and it’s very, very unlikely your dad or anyone else ever went over it with you.  That’s about to get handled.

By popular demand, this week’s podcast is on INCOME!  There’s a lot of data on the subject, but what is the SENIOR datum? You are about to find out.


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